Reports and Evaluations
Students in the 2000 Summer Academy of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

To Strengthen Teaching
An Evaluation of Teachers Institute Experiences
by Rogers M. Smith
A 2009 report on a study of participants in Teachers Institutes in Houston, New Haven, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh from 2003-2008 and in National Initiative seminars at Yale from 2005-2008 which concludes that the Teachers Institute approach enhances teacher quality in precisely the ways that are known to increase student achievement; Teachers Institutes exemplify the crucial characteristics of high-quality teacher professional development; and Institute participation is strongly linked to teacher retention in urban public schools.

To Motivate My Students
An Evaluation of the National Demonstration Project of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
by Rogers M. Smith
A 2004 report on the evaluation of the National Demonstration Project which concludes: "The Institute approach significantly strengthens teachers in all five of the major dimensions of teacher quality." Successful Teachers Institutes have demanding requirements. "But the National Demonstration Project has shown clearly that they can be met, and that everywhere they are met, the quality of teaching in America's schools can be significantly improved."

The Yale National Initiative To Strengthen Teaching In Public Schools
This booklet, published in 2004, describes results of the four-year National Demonstration Project and plans for the Yale National Initiative to Strengthen Teaching in Public Schools. The Initiative promotes the establishment of new Teachers Institutes that adopt the approach to professional development that has been followed for thirty years by the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

Annual Reports of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
Annual Reports describe the Institute's operation in New Haven by drawing heavily on the evaluations written by Fellows and seminar leaders at the conclusion of their participation. They also contain material on program evaluation, national dissemination, and financial and program development.

Pittsburgh Teachers Institute - Lessons Learned
Research and Planning for the Preparation Phase of the Yale National Initiative
The Pittsburgh Teachers Institute engaged Cornerstone Evaluation Associates LLC, a client-centered research firm specializing in educational research and program evaluation, to collaborate with all partners--PTI, PPS, Chatham and Carnegie Mellon--to undertake evaluation activities deemed critical to understanding the Institute model and informing future replication. The research and evaluation activities were designed to provide information to serve three purposes--to inform the continuation and expansion of the Yale-New Haven model, to provide information for improving the PTI program, and to offer evidence of program effectiveness in support of fundraising efforts.

The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute:
A Progress Report on Surveys Administered to New Haven Teachers, 1982-1990
In the preface to "A Progress Report on Surveys Administered to New Haven Teachers, 1982-1990," Gita Z. Wilder of the Educational Testing Service summarizes highlights of the decade-long study of results of the Institute's program for teachers who had participated as Fellows, and for those who had not. She concludes, "What is most notable about the findings... is their consistency.... Such consistency of responses is manifest not only among each year's Fellows, but among Fellows across years."

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