Articles and Essays
New Haven Fellow Diane Platt and her students at Troup Magnet Academy of Sciences.

Issues in Establishing, Developing, and Evaluating an Educational Collaboration: The Yale-New Haven Experience (html, pdf)
by James R. Vivian
In this 1986 essay the founding Director of the Institute addresses some of the issues raised by individuals considering how they might adapt the Institute's program to their own educational settings. An earlier version of this essay appeared in "Education and Urban Society" (November 1986).

Empowering Teachers as Colleagues (html, pdf)
by James R. Vivian
This article appeared originally in "College-School Collaboration: Appraising the Major Approaches" (1985). According to the editor, "the Institute demonstrates that the gap often presumed to exist between university faculty and school teachers can be bridged by building an intensive, long-term collaboration to focus on subjects deemed most important by teachers for strengthening their own teaching."

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