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Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute®
New Haven Public School teachers participating as Fellows in the 2009 Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute seminar on “Evolutionary Medicine,” led by Paul E. Turner, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. (Left to right: Fellows Todney Harris of Benjamin Jepson School; John K. Laub and Fallon L. Daniels of Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School; Paul M. Jones of High School in the Community; and seminar leader Paul E. Turner. Photo by Peter Casolino.)

The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, founded in 1978, brings the resources of Yale University to an entire school district in which 45 schools serve more than 20,000 students. More than 60 percent of the students in the New Haven Public Schools come from families receiving public assistance, and 87 percent are either African American or Hispanic. There are about 1,000 teachers eligible for participation in the Institute. On successful completion of a seminar, a Fellow receives four continuing education units and may also, if pursuing a graduate degree, petition for certification of course of study.

The founding director of the Institute is James R. Vivian.

Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute® is a registered trademark of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, Yale University.

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