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Teachers Institute of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Team at the Intensive Session, July 2013. (From left right: Alan J. Lee, Director, Teachers Institute of Philadelphia; and National Fellows Terry Anne Wildman, Stuart Surrey and Sydney H. Coffin; and Rogers M. Smith, Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania.)

In the sixth largest city in the United States, the Teachers Institute of Philadelphia brings the resources of the University of Pennsylvania to a school district where 284 schools serve 163,000 students, of whom 80 percent are either African American or Hispanic and the same percentage are eligible for free school meals. The Institute was admitted to the League of Teachers Institutes in 2007. The target audience is 20-25 schools adjacent to the University, with more than 18,000 students and 1,200 teachers. Successful completion of a seminar earns 30 Act 48 credits.

The founding director of the Institute is Alan J. Lee.


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